It’s only 4 pm when I lay a dead-tired Giorgio on our bed. He is sound asleep, exhausted. Despite the heavy morning behind, watching my youngest son deep in his dreams gives me the necessary energy to tell you what happened and why his little heart-shaped mouth has a sweet layer of jam on.
We are in the same position in which the day started.
Now let’s just close our eyes and take a step back in time, when a mild ray of sun caressed my eyes, painfully lifting my lids.
Silence reigns supreme. Today my children have gone to school with Dad Matteo. All of them except this little ferret, who is watching me with a guilty smile.
He laughs.
It’s more infectious than a flu and I find myself laughing with him without a reason.
“I hid and Dad Matteo couldn’t find me! Now I can be with my bonazza” The bonazza is me. And Giorgio is a perfect sponsor for one’s self-esteem.
Actually Dad Matteo did not forget and Giorgio doesn’t know he will be my partner for a so-called “test commercial”, which I would more easily define the sweetest breakfast ever.
The ingredients are basic.
Take the funniest of all kids, one who likes drawing and baking cakes. Add the coolest couple of interior designers of the whole Costa Smeralda. Make sure you get to their set on time for the break.
Take advantage of the wonderful setting.
Bring along the tastiest fruit jams.
If you are not averse to religion, have a chat with Somebody up there to ask for good weather.
Let your creativity flow.
And in just a few steps the sweetest breakfast is served.
During the final arrangements I explain to Giorgio that every month a very nice guy called Zuegg gives us various jams of different exquisite flavours. In return, we taste them all and take many many pictures.
“But why doesn’t he give them all together?”
“Because otherwise we would get a tummy ache”
“And what did he give us this month?”
“This month he gathered the sweetest pears, especially for us”
“He is a nice man. Can I give him a little something too?”
“Sure. A candy maybe?”
“No, I want that for myself. But I’m gonna make a drawing”
I don’t even have time to reply; Giorgio is already playing with bucket and spade a few meters from me.
In the twinkling of an eye, me and my fabulous stylists Eva and Silvia set up the table and get ready.
Giorgio runs merrily towards me. He cannot believe he can taste whatever he wants.
I know this will make some dentist happy in the future but the mood is so cheerful and relaxed that I don’t even care.
We have very little time for the shooting but the colors in the background are so perfect that it is enough to get everyone’s approval. In the meanwhile, Dad Matteo has arrived for the final shooting with the drone.
I see Giorgio whispering him something. Then he comes to me and explains:
“Dad will send Mr Zurg my drawing, so next month he will also give us some candies!”
I review the pictures on the camera and only then I realize the drawing that Giorgio has made for his new friend.
While I watch him sleeping, I think that children have the power to give us back that bit of enchantment that helps us avoid disappointments.
I think of how easy and priceless their way of seeing life is.
He opens his eyes for a moment, licks the sweet layer of jam around his mouth.
Than whispers.
“Mum, when I grow up I want to do the same job as you. But I want to taste candies”
There it is. After breakfast, the future is served as well.