For those who are familiar with Porto Cervo, COAST has been a reference point for the last 20 years. For those who – unfortunately – are not, COAST is a periodical, a magazine, a publication. In other words: a gorgeous showcase that holds a place of honor in the most exclusive milieux of Costa Smeralda.
Its guru is Paolo Costanzi. Don’t let yourself be cheated by his dreamy gaze. Paolo is a man who knows exactly what he wants and is ready to work hard to achieve it.
When he called me last summer for the 20th anniversary of COAST, he went straight to the point: he wanted my Miss. Miss Sardinia 2015.
Let me introduce you Manuela Galistu, one of the most beautiful girls I have ever worked with. One of the beauties I discovered when social networks were yet to come and one could meet people in the most unexpected ways, like the day I met two gorgeous blossoming teenagers at a fairground. Her beauty could not go unobserved, the naïve and nascent beauty of a 15-year old, displayed with all the grace of a gem in the morning light, drunk with joy and life.
Manuela and her twin sister Michela are now 26, they are now women. They took different paths, always sharing a special emotional bond that only twins are familiar with, but they still preserve the same elegance they had back then, now more mature in Manuela’s deep and bright eyes.
And now here I am, talking to her after 10 years, while she is getting ready for the photo shoot “Moonstruck”, top-of-the line service for COAST anniversary.
In the eyes of that woman, I can instantly recognize the girl I’ve been working with so often. She is exactly as she was back then: kind, cheerful, punctual and reliable: rare qualities in the world of fashion. On the top of this, Manuela has a great mind, improved by years of experiences on the catwalk.
She works naturally, as if she had always been in front of a camera. She is special. She laughs, laughs heartily. She is the image of lightheartedness. Whatever is stirring inside of her always gives place to a smile, to a penetrating look, that makes even the camera blush.
It’s nice to spend some time with her.  To listen to her ideas, her life, her projects. The feeling between us arises from the long time we spent together, sharing significant and difficult moments of our lives.
I am so fond of Manuela. I saw her growing up, suffering and cheering; I saw her changing. She and her sister Michela have a special place in my heart.
Through photo shoots, makeovers and briefings, today Manuela brought me back to the days of my youth, the years of university, of friendship forever; she made me feel how nice is to be daughters, she conveyed the lightheartedness that every young girl should have, when every choice is allowed and every mistake is an opportunity to change course.
But above all, she awakens my urge of a new adventure together.
Because Manuela is my Miss.

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