“Mum, why are you taking all your credit cards if you are just play-acting?”
Lorenzo, 8 years old. Profession: Jiminy Cricket
“Yes mum, explain why!” Adds Matteo, actually 40, watching my array of credit cards, debit cards, and loyalty cards of every kind with ill-concealed apprehension.
“Because even if you are just play-acting, things have to be done properly. Think of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. If they were made of cardboard, the movie would have been much less interesting, and yet you knew they were a fake”
I feel that Lorenzo is satisfied with my answer; not so much is Matteo. He shrugs and leaves.
I am organizing the last details, when I hear a knock on the window. It’s Matteo; he wraps his hands around his shoulders and runs away. This means I am going to have a travel companion: wind. I smile, because once again destiny is laying all my cards on the table.
Today I am launching a new section of this Blog, shopping in Porto Cervo. Now you can better understand the reason of the dread on my husband’s face.
Like any debut, I have the advantage of playing on home ground. I will visit the exKite shop, a new brand in Porto Cervo. Eirinn and Renzo are not only the head and the heart of the project, but they are a unique and overwhelming soul, with the passion of those who meet a destiny and recognize it as one’s own life and work project.
exKite originates from a very simple idea: recycling kite surfing material into high quality clothes.
Every jacket is unique. It carries the story of the wind it met and the waves it rode in its first life. exKite is an Italian brand founded by Renzo Mancini; together with his wife Eirinn he designed his first fashion brand in Sardinia.
Their clothes tell different stories, they tell about love, adventure, danger; you can feel the peculiar force that nature releases and that people try to catch. But if you want to share all this, you have to do like me and visit their concept-store on the Promenade du Port.
In their shop, everything talks about them, starting from the wall full of pictures of their life and the North from which Eirinn comes.
“Wear a story”. What you are wearing is not simply fabric. It is a philosophy that you perceive in every piece of clothing: in jackets, the core of their collection, in waistcoats, sweaters, backpacks. Everything in exKite has its precise positioning, thanks to details that complete the shopping experience. Once you have chosen your outfit, you can add the most suitable accessories to match your days, from sporty to elegant occasions.
The tour ends with a touch of sweet: a delicious chocolate-covered licorice and the goodbye of the beautiful Eirinn
While I am writing, I can still feel the energy of this day flowing through me. As much as I feel Matteo’s look, who desolately watches the shopping bags before my wardrobe.

Rita , exKite - Porto Cervo