You know when the hands of the clock strike like a hammer on the anvil? Second after second,methodically. Till the implacable drriiiiiiin
I turn.
No. This can’t be.
It’s 6,30 am.
Giorgio has the same look of the child in the movie Shining.
But what is most worrying is Matteo: his look is just like Jack Nicholson’s.
Okay, I am surrounded. And the only escape route is a healthy breakfast, the only way for me toturn from Enemy into Cook.
As usual I am in a race against time. On one side, four Zombies slouching towards their meal,which could be me if I do not hurry up; on the other side, my kitchen is refusing to help. I end up with a burn and fingers full of jam, but the four guys recover in front of a supply of calories.
The Prozac effect lasts just long enough to restore a system of planning and coordination shattered after 3 months of slow rhythms. Then everybody gets in the car, someone wearing odd socks, someone else with curly hair on one side and hair à la Orfei on the other, and someone else- that is Matteo – sailing off towards a safer haven: his office.
On the way, I do my best to avoid: internal fights on the rear seats, a monstrous traffic congestion,and Giorgio putting me to the test with just one word: pee.
But you know, women have the stubborn tenacity of turning the tables, so I start singing loud, leaving everybody speechless. I even find the one and only parking lot near school. Then everybody gets off, someone scared, someone excited, someone running to give his bladder a break.
And then it’s just me and you.
I shift into gear, lower the window and say goodbye to traffic jams, heading towards the ninth wonder of Porto Cervo: sea in September.
If you want to drive away autumn blues, back-to-school stress or simply recharge your batteries, the infallible plan exists and has the colors of the sea, the slow rhythms of the sun and a sense of awakening that nature conveys when lights go off. Because the fact is that Porto Cervo overwhelms everything and everyone like a vortex for 3 months, during which music is always loud. Until the day when yachts put out to sea, hotels say goodbye to their guests, car are loaded with luggage and lights slowly go off.
Amidst all my thoughts, I have chosen today’s destination: the Long Beach.
To those who do not know: this is a very long beach stretching near Cala di Volpe, with different coves of golden sand and unmistakable emerald water.
I turn into the long dusty road, park my car, get changed and here I am, taking a deep breath and feeling the salty air running through my veins. Just a few rows of closed beach umbrellas, some tourists longing for beauty and then only silence and passion.
I plunge into the water. A little cloud reminds me that this season has its dark sides, like a very special lover. But today my desire for freedom is so unconditioned that even the cloud decides to move elsewhere.
I swim, swim with the passion of memories and the urge of someone dying from thirst and finally finding refreshment.
In my life, enriched by my beautiful family and job challenges and marked by everyday routine, I realize how strong is my relationship with the sea, which has always given me a feeling of happiness and freedom.
I can’t tell how long I stayed in the water, but when I get out I feel my arms trembling and the rush of adrenalin slowing down and I feel I have recovered not only my physical energy but also the 5 years of my life that this morning’s pre-dawn alarm had cut off.
The sun quickly erases the mark of the sea from my skin. Before leaving, I give the beach a last knowing look, like two lovers aware that they will soon meet again in the coziness that only autumn in my land can convey.
From my car, I still perceive the Long Beach on my left while I drive away with that wonderful legacy that gives my day a new perspective; because my day ahead is still very long and full of things to do.
I have been working in communication for 20 years now and yet there are things that leave me
speechless. The beauty of the sea in September is one of those.

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