You know those lazy mornings spent in bed, the afternoon naps under your favorite tree? The coziness of a pillow in the evening, embracing you after a warm shower just before going out?
If you know all this, then hang on to it because a son like Giorgio can happen to anyone and then it will be just memories.
We have been trying everything – everything legally acceptable – but no way. Right in the moment when you fall sound asleep, he opens his eyes, smiling, ready to turn his little world upside-down.
But just like in every fairy tale with a happy ending, there comes the time when you find out that even superheroes have their own Achilles’ heel.
We found this out 3 months ago, when we decided to change our car fleet and all its related accessories, in a wave of renovation, due to increased family size. Choosing a new car was easy; we just had to decide between a tractor-trailer and a SUV. It just had to be big enough to accommodate all our stuff for the summer exodus. Choosing new car seats required instead a higher level of thought, just as any parent would do when it’s their children’s safety at stake.
So, after running around for the umpteenth time among next generation baby capsules and technological car seats, so complex as to require a degree to be fully understood, I realize that Giorgio is nowhere to be found. Now, I must admit that I’m as frightened as a wounded scuba-diver in a tank of sharks even when I’m taking a shower, but losing sight of my son for a while is the best way to put my nerves to the test. Luckily enough, in the twinkle of an eye I happen to realize what I would never have dreamed of. Giorgio was sleeping deeply on a baby seat, right in the middle of the shop. So great was my disbelief that I stood still, watching him for an indefinite time. But he kept on sleeping. Surrounded by high-quality orange-colored car seats.
That was the sign I had been waiting for. Cybex, safety all around.
I just needed full approval by the shop assistant – who had been singing the praises of the product’s quality for an hour – and the confirmation of the brand’s excellent reputation and there I was at the checkout, carrying two brand-new Cybex seats, ready to protect my children in the car and calm down my anxiety against the world’s frontal attacks.
Three months have gone by and we have found out that Giorgio’s kryptonite was also the beginning of a beautiful love story between Cybex and me: apart from allowing us an acceptable circadian rhythm, it provides maximum safety during our journeys.
Only Dad Matteo is puzzled, obliged as he is to drive around the block with Giorgio three times every night before going to bed.