Sometimes, when darkness prevails over daily rhythms and all my children have finally dozed off, I sit down, look at my watch and then look at my list of good resolutions: a long to-do list doodled all over with pink little hearts.
Half of the entries are marked with the note “to be put off”; then there are sentences halfway through and some crossed items, as a sign of good omen.
Maybe it’s just the urge to retrieve the energy of my twenties – which yet keeps slipping through my fingers – that makes me so restless sometimes. But I strive to live my life and my job to the fullest,to follow my dreams and I refuse to accept that time might take control over my desires.
Tenacity is my last shelter, which gives me the strength to delete the word “put off” from today’s schedule, to take my husband and my children and head towards a very special aperitif. The first dress, a mum committed to family cohesion and a retrieved smile are the right tools to make it to Baia Sardinia for the opening of the Phi Beach season. To those who know Porto Cervo, Phi Beach does not need any explanation: as soon as I get in,the reason of its fame is plain for me to see. Located between the sea and the sky, where rocks seem like limbs arising from water, merging with the earth to lift up anyone who wish to take a breath-taking view over the sea and be carried away by the sound of music. One of the few places where the harmony of diversity is palpable and perfectly fitting; where everyone is himself right in the moment when he begins to be part of the whole. Everything fits right in place, as if attracted by the songs of mermaids that drag you into this dreamlike world, where the only thing to do is to let yourself get carried away by the energy of time, while the last ray of sun slowly disappears on the
The ritual of sun salutation renews every year. An enthralling handover between the sun and the moon, slowly smashing into the clear stretch of water that brushes the rocks.
I take a sip of my alcohol-free fruit cocktail, well aware that there is a long night ahead of us and that you can dance barefoot under the stars whatever your age, if you dare to be a daydreamer.
Today, my perfect summer is here, before my eyes. At Phi Beach.
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