Here we are again. Me and you, alone

The sun is rising at the horizon, but it is not giving off its full power yet. I look at you. I look at myself in you.

And I plunge, at last

For moments that seem endless, I let myself be carried away by a silence that only the sea can convey.

I close my eyes and I try to meld with its spirit. My heartbeat is tuned with the waves.

And I remain suspended.

Until nature calls me towards the sky.

My arms and my legs start dancing slowly and lead me to the surface.

It’s incredible how the sea can bring me back to an absolute state of peacefulness impossible to find elsewhere. It’s as if my thoughts can finally find the right way to a balance that the world keeps trying to disrupt.

Good and evil do not exist anymore. There is only an immense force that sweetly overwhelms you.

All I can do is dance.

Someone said that sea gives to arms what air gives to wings.

So please leave me here, as much as to feel free to fly in my personal marine heaven.