I open my eyes in the middle of the night. Out of habit I do my “night tour”, that is what I have been doing for more than 8 years: I make sure that my children are all sleeping well and not going to set off the usual alarm which wakes everybody up, not to mention the wrinkles on my face that remind me every morning how sleeping is the ultimate solution for eternal youth.
Sometimes I think back at the time when sleeping was a long journey of 7/8 hours straight, which ended up with the smell of coffee in the air. Here, I am dreaming again…. And right when I am thinking of my journeys in the land of nod, I catch sight of a note on my fridge:
“Pick up Heidi at 10 am at apt,” says my colored memo full of smileys.
The very idea of this meeting gives me the necessary energy to recover, tolerate a whining “I bwant milk…” and to prepare in advance a breakfast that I would no longer be able to have in 30 minutes.
I browse through past works and I realize how gratifying it is to turn a business meeting into a good friendship. Because my first meeting with Heidi goes back to more than 5 years ago, during a briefing at Cala di Volpe. We had to organize a birthday party together. On that occasion, I became fascinated with her charme, so much so that time seemed to stop. I felt like being in a commercial: everything was perfect: lights, the tone of her voice, her self-confidence in every single gesture.
It was the perfect atmosphere that only a person of noble spirit can combine with such beauty.
She told me about her life in the world of fitness and elegant parties. For a person accustomed to travelling as I am, her life between L.A, London and the French Riviera was the perfect setting for my flights of fantasy. And this was the beginning of a wonderful journey that I call friendship. Therefore, when Heidi told me on the phone that she had a new project, I was so incredibly curious that I had troubles in falling asleep, right on the one and only silent night of the whole summer.
If I will be able to identify a successful project at a glance in the future, I only owe it to the glance I bumped into this morning at 10 am at Olbia airport.
We leave Olbia and drive towards Porto Cervo, to share confidences about our lives. We find a cozy place at Aqualounge, under the watchful eyes of the giants of the sea, ready to set sail.
In this agreeable local setting, Heidi shows me Sirò, a capsule collection of luxury t-shirts 85% silk and 15 % cashmere. In her collection, she chose the best quality: the production is Loro Piana and it is inspired by the colours of the French Riviera.
Her story is so intriguing that I can already see myself wearing one of these garments, wandering along the pier waiting for Matteo to kidnap me for a toast by the sea. My wish was so evident that Heidi herself fulfilled the first part by giving me a gorgeous orange shirt as a gift. For the kidnapping, I think I have to wait until my next dream. The morning goes by, with various projects to share and many doors to be opened. Again. Because Heidi is not only a friend, not only a business partner; she is above all inspiration.
This might be the reason why now, with almost 40° degrees at dusk, with Leonardo watching me puzzled because I am wearing an orange shirt while he would tear off his skin for the heat, I finally feel inspired.
I don’t know if Matteo tonight will come and toast with me at twilight, but I know for sure that what I am wearing is just like the caress of sunset, and this is enough for me to feel on top of the world.

Sirò Porto Cervo