Do you know – you who are going all over London, Milan, New York, amidst traffic jams and double-parked taxis, choosing among dozens of stores, waiting for the pedestrian traffic light to turn green; you who have to take off your clothes at the entrance of an oven and then get out and mix with the urban crowd with temperatures below zero – do all of you know how special Christmas shopping in Porto Cervo is?
No? Then come with me, because today I am going to launch a new space dedicated to autumn-winter looks in the wonderful setting of the Esmeralda Boutique by Marco Calatri. A space dedicated to the dreams that every woman should allow herself and then open up her eyes and find herself wearing an item of clothing by Alberta Ferretti, Ralph Lauren or Pucci, reflected in the mirror together with an enchanting smile.
But let’s take a step back first.
Today the sky is clear, the temperature is mild and my thoughts run quickly towards the many possibilities that this quintessence of the world can offer, even when it is no longer under the spotlight.
But the journey is so short that I don’t even have the time to collect my thoughts, when I see Marco welcoming me like a perfect landlord. Esmeralda boutique is his creature, which shines even when lights go down and colors match less temperate seasons. Because his fashion creations go beyond every fashion trend.
When I ask him the reason why his shop is open all year long, Marco answers with his usual simplicity: “Darling, because when you go to sleep, you close your eyes but your heart keeps beating”
These words are so enchanting that I feel as if I were under a spell that wraps me up from head to toe when he suggests the first look. He picks up a stylist for whom Sardinia was both a birthplace and a source for inspiration: Antonio Marras.
Marco smiles because he knows that, once again, he has found a way to my heart. He introduced me to Antonio Marras during the first Porto Cervo Fashion Week, when my models and his collection came together in a highly acclaimed show, applauded by curious and enthusiasts. His vision of fashion has a unique and ultimate poetic essence; it is the result of a constant search and the outcome of the influences between arts and tradition. Every aspect is personally looked after by him; watching him working is a highly instructive experience: he tunes every single instrument before conducting his personal orchestra of fabrics, gazes, rhythms, expressions and shows. Antonio is known as “the most intellectual among Italian stylists” but first of all I see an Artist.
I once chanced upon one of his statements, that I still remember: “I prefer extravagance on the verge of ugliness rather than a boring beauty”
Layers of fabrics and styles, furs, laces, embroideries, seams, black feathers and floral prints: this is Antonio Marras. A real show.
And this is me, wearing one of his items full of details. I am the colour of a painting, the verse of a sonnet, the note of a tune.
I am the perfect player in my little film called PortoCervoLifestyle.