I allow everything to Italian VIPs visiting Porto Cervo.
I allow luxury, astonishing villas, yachts, a betrayal at the Maldives, crazy parties, suites and even 3 babysitters per child.
I allow practically everything.
But my place of honor taken by Elenoire Casalegno at the “Chi summer tour” no. I can’t stand this.
Since I was late, Alfonso gave her my VIP seat.
All because of Giorgio, who spilled milk on my dress with perfect timing right at 6.30 pm, prompting a change of dress as quick as a pit stop of the Ferrari Team. But it was useless.
Upset for the tragedy occurred, nothing was left to me but to take a shot of my friend Alfonso, who immediately made it up for the mess he had made by pulling out his unmistakable smile.
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