When I think of the “article” I have in mind, first of all I go down memory lane for inspiration. I close my eyes and imagine. Imagine. Imagine. Today silence permeates my house, an uncommon atmosphere that helps my concentration. Or actually, it should. The Prince’s beach.
Only few weeks have passed since my last walk in one of the most astounding bays of Porto Cervo.
I tap my pen on the white sheet. No way. I could use many words, explain the thousand reasons why people put their feet on the white sand of the Prince’s beach, but the pen is heavy and the silence is deafening.
I take a decision. Matteo is going around there and no one would ever deny a ride to a woman. I hope. Ok, to be on the safe side I bring along a slice of “tiramisu à la Careddu”. One day I will tell you about this very personal dessert and how it saved a couple of French people from a fierce quarrel in the middle of a gala dinner.
After less than one hour, here I am finally at the Prince’s beach. Tiramisu was actually a smart move to make the trip more enjoyable.
I leave Matteo to his duties, after making sure he will remember to collect me and the half slice of Tiramisu that I am holding hostage.
I start walking. Before getting there, I have go through a path of thick Mediterranean scrub. A ten-minute walk with jumps and challenging steps, but finally here it is. Before me. Small but impressive. Suddenly my senses awake. I stare at the turquoise of the sea, I listen to the sound of small waves caressing the sand, I lose myself in the salty smell that envelops me and I feel adrenalin spiking, at last, and a compelling impulse of putting pen to paper. Because today, here, at Prince’s beach, I can daydream, dreams I have not been having at night for the last 8 years, because I am constantly on the lookout, you never know, would somebody feel like wanting to be mama’s boy in the middle of the night. I breathe, close my eyes, enjoy the real silence and the sensations that this marvelous piece of Sardinia conveys, the seabed of sand and granite that makes the sea so crystal clear, with shades ranging from sky blue to intense blue. The beach is split into two bays by a bunch of rocks rising randomly on the shoreline, as if so much beauty could not occur in just one place, as if each of the two bays was looking for the other, like the endless search for perfection of those looking for each other without ever getting together. And yet there it is, before you, in all its beauty, just like the prince in those tales for eternal Little Girls like me, who unexpectedly turned up and solved every problem. It makes me want to laugh, and I feel a sense of freedom that only sea breeze can convey. I think remembrances are a wonderful handhold to memory but our eyes need a direct relation with reality to feel alive. In this case, a wonderful and unique reality: my Sardinia.
To shake off fatigue, now I’d really love to plunge into this spectacular sea, stop time, swim for hours and enjoy the solitude and the lightness that only this state of mind can convey. Because, you know, beyond all responsibilities, sometimes one needs to let go and feel overwhelmed by the unusual beauty of the senses, by silence, smells, emotions and why not, also by the temptation of taking some time for oneself.
The spell breaks when a sound takes me back to reality and that glimpse of life remains on the other side of the bridge that connects me to real life.

On the way back, I am silent. Matteo keeps talking cheerfully on the phone with his headphones and nothing could distract him. Beyond his profile, I can perceive the sea losing itself on the horizon and I realize that my senses are retaining the intensity of what I have just experienced. I smile. I think that everyone has their own Prince. Mine wears All Star and a moustache à la Careddu.

Spiaggia del principe - Porto Cervo Lifestyle