In my life, between dream and reality, there is always a gap between what I would like to do and what I eventually achieve. I could draw up an endless list: nights suspended and never resumed, breakfasts left in the middle, pilates classes given in to laziness, vegan diets with hamburgers and chips, a tight schedule where activities clash, burst and restart. But it’s not always like this. Silence. My alarm clock looks at me anxiously when the X hour is getting close. But today the X hour will never come. Today I am going to give myself a treat: a whole wellness day, cheerfully devoted to fantasy, colours, fruits for breakfast, sea at spring and shopping nights. All this in that explosive corner of the world that Porto Cervo offers.
Here is the schedule of the gifts I will pamper myself with:
1) Breakfast at Sa Conca: relaxation, coffee, juice, yogurt, a wide selection of fruit pastries, clean table and the daily newspaper to read in one go.
2) A dip in the sea at Long Beach amidst Sardinia’s pristine silence. Sun bathing on the beach, eyes closed, a nice swim and no “seaside baby sitting” for my children.
3) Lunch at the beach club with a big bowl of healthy fruits, to keep my belly flat as before, but also a glass of rosé, which makes me feel so unconventional.
4) A whole afternoon of massages and beauty treatments and – why not – also makeup and hair styling to be ready for the night.
5) One hour of frantic shopping, with my credit card looking at me disbelievingly; inevitable stop at Esmeralda – gorgeous boutique with the coolest brands, owned by my friend Marco – and drop in at Brunello Cuccitelli.
6) Quick visit at Tourbillon, where Giovanni wants me to try on a watch suitable for a queen, that makes me dream of a reign of my own.
7) Aperitif at Cala di Volpe, where nature seems to have come to terms with art, and an impressive sunset draws the line between day and night.
8) Dinner at Pedrinelli with my husband – barely cheering up after having seen my shopping bags in the car – and some good friends for an endless toast, except for those that will guide us through the next steps.
9) After dinner at You, where a fashion show with my beautiful girls is taking place.
10) Getting home at dawn, well knowing to be allowed a good night’s sleep.

Here I am, the night after. I look at the pictures and the videos of those moments. I think – and I am sure – that Porto Cervo offers countless ideals of well-being because it has the answers to all questions, even the oddest ones. As far as I am concerned, I must concede that things did not go exactly as described. For example, the dreamlike watch is going to find its happy ending on the wrist of a different princess; I left the glass of rosé halfway through and, in the middle of the show, I had to reassure Leo on the phone because he had a nightmare. Anyway, meeting old friends and some leisure time have cheered me up, so much so that the incredible disaster that Giorgio has just made in the kitchen seems to me as funny as the sorrowful expression on his face.

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