Today it was hard. The welcome committee showed up at 5 am.
Really, it is incredible how they can fall asleep again one above the other. They must have a secret button somewhere, just like the one they push right in the moment when I find a comfortable position. To wake me up.
As a matter of fact, at 6 am we were already having breakfast, silent as if unsure whether it was just a dream in a night that still had to be slept through.

  • It’s miiiiiiiine!!

No, it is no dream. And this is the snack that Leo and Lorenzo are competing for.
You see, I don’t have three children, but a baritone and two sopranos, performing a show every morning that I watch with envy and awe, always asking myself where they take all their energy from. And they are perfectly aware that, right in that moment, you are an analog modem trying to connect to the world, because they start asking the strangest questions ever.
Today it’s Leonardo’s go.

  • Mum, can one really travel through time like Martin in Back to the future?
  • Yes Leo, but not by car
  • So how?
  • With your imagination; imagination can take you wherever you want to go
  • With the Flood Competitor?

Lorenzo laughs and corrects him, as if he were a real expert

  • The Flux Capacitor!
  • Oh I don’t “ungerstand” a thing of these new names

I smile. But the two of them are still in suspense, waiting for my answer, as if it were the final sentence of a debate.

  • Yes Leo, we can say that imagination is our Flux Capacitor

They contentedly look at each other, forgetting the snack they were competing for, which Giorgio, with his 26 months, has cleverly grabbed hold of.
Outside school, the guys of All Me Connection are waiting for me
I forgot to say: I left early towards San Pantaleo, a glimpse of a far-off world, few kilometers away from Porto Cervo.
On Thursday, a typical market takes place in the church square and along the old streets, enlivening the town with its thousdand colours.
San Pantaleo is a characteristic village, clinging to granite rocks as if unwilling to melt with the sea, whose small can be perceived from afar. The perfect place to relax, stroll languidly, captured by its slowness, so gentle and distant from the frantic rhythms of Costa Smeralda
While walking, I remember why I love strolling along these streets; leaves climb on the walls of the houses as if they wanted to be the first colours of spring; the doors of the small houses are works of art in a sort of open-air gallery. Surprisingly, many of them are open, which makes it all the more familiar. While I stroll about, I notice that people find their time to smile; a sign of mutual understanding, as if to underline they like to caress time rather than being overwhelmed by it.
In its little shops, one can find almost everything, but I am particularly attracted by hats. I love trying them on, admiring my reflection in the mirror and putting them back. Until the next mirror.
I take a side road and looking around I notice how deeply rooted art is in this corner of Gallura.
A succession of blacksmiths, woodworkers, sculptors, painters and musicians make me feel like I have gone back in time, a time where creativity is what makes the world go round and all the rest is only a way to fill the gaps
I meet some of the artists and I have a chat with each of them. Everybody smiles complacently when I tell about my project, as if I were their accomplice in a plan of which they are all already part. I sit down for a drink after hours that seemed like minutes. I think back to the discussion I had this morning and I realize how advisable it would be to stop time and regain an important piece of our lives.

It’s now 1.00 pm and I begin to feel tired for not having slept through last night. I suddely think of Leo, school ends earlier for him today. I call Matteo on the phone and ask him to put Leo on for me.

  • Mum, where are you?
  • LEO! I am in a wonderful place where time has stopped. It is called San Pantaleo


  • I absolutely want to take you here


  • You know mum, I think I already that this place. Because it is called a bit like me.

I remain puzzled. Then I hear him articulating

  • San-Panta-Leo

Leonardo has just found my energy button.


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