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Porto Cervo Wine&Food Festival 2017

Here I am, ready for the opening event of the summer season on the Costa Smeralda: the Porto Cervo Wine&Food Festival. A showcase of wine and food produce, that has been attracting for 9 years lovers of good wine, good food and of the wonderful Gallura, dressed up at its best for the occasion. Following […]

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You know those lazy mornings spent in bed, the afternoon naps under your favorite tree? The coziness of a pillow in the evening, embracing you after a warm shower just before going out? If you know all this, then hang on to it because a son like Giorgio can happen to anyone and then it […]

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It’s only 4 pm when I lay a dead-tired Giorgio on our bed. He is sound asleep, exhausted. Despite the heavy morning behind, watching my youngest son deep in his dreams gives me the necessary energy to tell you what happened and why his little heart-shaped mouth has a sweet layer of jam on. We […]

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Impossible as it may seem, it is getting cold even here. Really cold. Looking out of the window, I see heavy rain trying to turn into snow but inexorably melting on the wet soil. I help Lorenzo learning geography. It’s funny because when he wants to talk about a place, he starts with: “Now let’s […]

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My mother used to say: “When you don’t know what to write, read” It’s a pearl of maternal wisdom that I will carry with me forever. Troubles begin when the only book at hand is the one that Giorgio just threw onto the back of my head. Rudolph and the mystery of the red-nosed reindeer. […]

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Do you know – you who are going all over London, Milan, New York, amidst traffic jams and double-parked taxis, choosing among dozens of stores, waiting for the pedestrian traffic light to turn green; you who have to take off your clothes at the entrance of an oven and then get out and mix with […]