No way. As soon as you arrive in Sardinia, its unmistakable scent envelops you. Helicrisum and juniper, together with Mediterranean scrub, are so pungent that you almost stop breathing for fear of losing that sensation.I still remember my spring days in Milan, when I found myself deprived of my habits and I saw the sea behind every bump, behind the signs of the so many “aperitivi”, while strolling in the park close to my house, hoping to perceive a familiar smell, the breeze of mistral or just a chirp, which had been my only alarm clock during my childhood.
Because Sardinia is like this. A land that steals your heart.
Therefore, I am going to call it Sardinia blues. And therefore, now that I am back, every year, before the warmth of the sun kicks off the summer season, I plunge into its wildness.
Desert beaches, the sound of waves caressing your feet, the voice of the sea… Believe me, it is in that right moment that the thousands of “whys” of this land give you the best explanation for that one-way ticket.
I do not expect you to understand me, often I do not understand myself either, but let me take you by the hand and look into this deep blue expanse.
Let’s take a step back first.
Last week, on a wonderful spring day, I persuaded the males of All Me Connection to fish out “Phelan-Drone”, a quadcopter, so called because its batteries are always out of power, to fly over one of the best landscapes of Costa Smeralda, Capriccioli and its beaches. Because I could use thousands of words, but nothing is more worth than a glimpse of paradise.
Fasten your seatbelts, because I want you to fly with me every week, hoping that these pictures convey to you a bit of Sardinia, a bit of me, a bit of All ME Connection and a bit of what it feels to be born in this land, to live here all your life and, above all, to feel the summer on your skin the whole year round and not just in July and August.

PS: if you are planning a journey to Sardinia, write me in private. I will be more than happy to help you with useful suggestions.