Impossible as it may seem, it is getting cold even here. Really cold. Looking out of the window, I see heavy rain trying to turn into snow but inexorably melting on the wet soil.
I help Lorenzo learning geography. It’s funny because when he wants to talk about a place, he starts with: “Now let’s go to… (suspense) Japan!”; “Now let’s go to… Canada!” and I have to browse the globe and hurry up to find the right place before he starts with his in-depth analysis.
In this vortex of destinations, it is so beautiful to realize how children’s looks know no boundaries when they travel. I’d love to go travelling more with my children, but job, school and many other commitments make it difficult to go beyond everyday life and allow oneself this little treat.
I see Lorenzo contentedly jumping from one continent to the other and I think that a journey can also be inside oneself; it could be a film, a souvenir in one’s diary or a long-cherished dream. A ray of sun breaks through the sky and I decide that my outfit of today will be my personal journey of the week.
My guide is once again Marco, invaluable mentor of this ride through the Autumn-Winter collection. He is incredible. With just one look he understands my mood. In the blink of an eye, I find myself wrapped up with the warmth of the clothes by Ermanno Scervino, a stylist with the ability to match the most valuable materials in a daring and original way. While Marco explains Ermanno Scervino’ tailoring technique I am wearing such a warm item that his voice, dim and cocooning, reaches down deep in my soul. I long for snow, snowy cabins, freshly groomed trails and that special breeze that only mountains have in the morning.
I feel as if I were born again. My desire to travel with imagination matches the lively mood conveyed by the clothes I am wearing.
While heading home, I experience such a powerful feeling of energy that clouds seem to blush with emotion in the upcoming sunset.
After dinner, Lorenzo is still travelling the world but this time I am not wearing a warm item to deceive me. But I am holding a credit card, I am on booking.com and my husband is looking at me from afar, defiantly.
What will happen next?

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