My mother used to say: “When you don’t know what to write, read”
It’s a pearl of maternal wisdom that I will carry with me forever. Troubles begin when the only book at hand is the one that Giorgio just threw onto the back of my head. Rudolph and the mystery of the red-nosed reindeer.
Now, I doubt I will draw any inspiration from it, but I surrender to a smile that urges “Mum, everybody in the book!” and I plunge into reading with him.
I wish I could tell you how an unexpected metaphor opened my eyes to a whole new world but no, the reindeer found her sleigh with no particular coup de théâtre and Christmas is safe! But mine is in deep water.
I should get ready for tomorrow, but my eyes are closing.
All of a sudden, the sun rises and the day starts.
Today Marco will show me an Alberta Ferretti outfit and I am not ready at all, so to say.
While he helps me putting on the precious clothes, he explains how Alberta Ferretti’s winter
collection focuses once again on nostalgic romanticism: an articulated combination of stinging desire evoked by transparencies and melancholic regret faintly suggested by pale colours.
While Marco tells me the story he can read in these clothes I find myself immersed in the past, surrounded by silks with lace inlays and elegant forms shaped on my body. I feel cuddled and I feel that so much elegance is carrying me out of my body, making me feel both prudish and an object of desire at the same time; the perfect interpreter of a world that takes shape and reveals itself in the details I wear.
“How do you feel now?” asks Marco
I look at my reflection in the mirror, I swivel around.
“I feel beautiful. Free. Silent. But there’s something odd, as if I were entrapped”
Marco smiles, maybe it was good to get caught unprepared, because each page I read prepares me to the following one, without ever disclosing the plot.
Marco takes me to the beach, a few steps away from his boutique.
“Now take a walk, then tell me how you feel”
Surrounded by the sun, I feel overcome by a powerful energy. I take off my shoes and walk on the fresh sand. I swivel around again.
A woman. That’s how I feel. A woman.
When I tell it to my mentor I see satisfaction on his face.
“You know, behind every collection there’s always research, quest, sufferance, sometimes deep. Wearing an item inspired by the mood of the early twentieth century also means interpreting a woman who begins to emerge, silently, until she achieves the utmost intellectual independence without having to give up the power of her femininity. You are not wearing a dress. You are playing a role.”
Yes, the main role in a wonderful story written by Alberta Ferretti.
While I am going home, I think back to all the experiences I am gaining and how I want to share them with the people I have next to me. Today, when Giorgio will ask once again to go all together into a book, I will tell him that this is possible when you let yourself be carried away by a vision, by the experience of a great artist.
Maybe he will not understand today.
But one day, when he will ask for advice, I will surely tell him:
“When you don’t know what to do, first of all live”.

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